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Record Condition Grading System

Most of our records are Near Mint.  If there is no information provided on condition the record is likely to be NM, or at least EX.  We have recently introduced a visual grading system, however, as follows:


M = Mint, pretty much as new

NM = Near Mint - this can range from no marks at all on the playing surface to one or more light surface marks which should not sound.  The cover will be almost perfect down to light ring wear or creasing or slight laminate lift.

EX = Excellent - marks more evident on the record, but no obvious gouges or raised marks.  Small tears or split seams to the cover, remains of price labels or sellotape evident. 

VG = Very Good - more obvious marks to the record, more obvious cover damage.

The information is provided for the record first, and then for the cover or box, for example you will find NM/NM in the notes on each record.

Records are viewed under both daylight and under a halogen light where practical - this very clearly shows any marks.

*This is a visual grading system.  If we are aware of any audio problems affecting a record, such as a few repeating ticks, we will provide this information in detail.  You should accept that even mint records can sometimes have an occasional tick.  Vinyl is not a perfect medium!  Many of the mono records, in particular, have small pressing flaws - and had these even when new.  Sometimes if records were played with a heavy or worn cartridge (again quite likely in the 1950s!), they can sound imperfect even when they look good.  On the other hand, records often can and do play perfectly well with quite a few light scuff marks, and even fine scratches.  Playing a record on different turntables and with different arms and cartridges can make a big difference to perceived ticks, clicks, pops and surface noise.  One further point is that when playing old mono records it is better to have a dedicated mono cartridge/turntable with a heavier tracking weight.

We clean our records on a Keith Monks record cleaning machine.  This cleans the record, but it also reduces surface noise and improves the record's sonic qualities.

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